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About Us

Hello, thank you for visiting our site.

We opened Home Sweet Home ROA  Airbnb Vacation Rental in Roanoke in January 2020. 

My husband and I enjoy traveling, and we realize finding the perfect vacation rental can be time-consuming and frustrating. I wanted to create a special place where guests can relax and throw away their worries while staying with us. Our home is complete with all the amenities you need or want. If we don't have it, I will get it. 

 I enjoy meeting and chatting with guests if they have the time. It may be a short "hello & welcome" or a chat over coffee or tea. I hope to meet you on your visit to Roanoke.

"Enter as guests and leave as friends"!

downtown Roanoke at night

Meet your host

Chyrel Gregorieff, your super host
Be Happy Love Life

Everyone has a story, and mine is full of adventure! Here is a short version.


I was born in Somers Point, NJ. (near Cape May) and moved to Virginia in 1974. Although much of South Jersey is farmland, the small area of Franklin County (Moonshine Capital of the World) was a culture shock at first, but we loved the countryside, the southern accents, and the local people. 

After graduating high school, I enlisted in the US Air Force as a Fuels Specialist. I was the first female to be assigned to the field, as it had previously been only open to men. But I wanted excitement and adventure, so I happily went without a second thought. I took my first assignment in Anchorage, Alaska. The Chief in charge ensured that the acceptance of the first female in the squadron went smoothly. I can say I was accepted very well and made friends quickly. Soon after my arrival, other females joined our team. I am still very close to several veterans that I served with. It was indeed an adventure, and I am proud to have served our country.

In 1991, I met my "to-be" husband, and we married in 1995. We had a couple of restaurants, traveled, and enjoyed discovering our beautiful country and meeting some great people. We settled back in Roanoke in 2015.


We enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking, and walking on the beach. I love skydiving, horseback riding, the beach, and being outdoors.

What is a Super Host?

We take pride in providing our guests with a clean, safe, private accommodation. Our mission is to ensure that every guest feels comfortable and at home during their stay. As experienced hosts, we have a keen eye for detail and are always available to answer any questions or concerns. Our success is a result of our commitment to providing exceptional hospitality and creating memorable experiences for our guests. What makes us unique is our personalized approach to hosting and our dedication to exceeding expectations. 

Airbnb super host
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