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"Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Furnished Long Term Rental"

Choosing a long-rental involves several considerations to ensure comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s explore the key factors:

  1. Duration and Flexibility:

  • Home Sweet Home ROA offers you flexibility. We understand that plans change so we only require a 24 hour notice to change your long term rental agreement. If you stay less than 30 days the fees will be calculated at the nightly or weekly rate accordingly.

  1. Fully Furnished

  • Furnished rentals come with everything you need, from furniture to kitchen appliances. Home Sweet Home ROA offers a fully furnished rental that has all the comforts of home so all you have to do is bring your clothes.

  1. Utilities and Amenities:

  • Home Sweet Home ROA offers a fully furnished rental that include utilities (water, electricity, internet, etc.) and amenities (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, iron and iron board plus many others)

  1. Security Deposit and Lease Terms:

  • Most Long-term leases often require a security deposit. When you book on our Airbnb listing, there is no security deposit.

  • If you move out before the monthly term ends, your term amount may be adjusted according to how long you stayed.

  1. Tenant Profile:

  • Mid-term rentals (3-9 months) are popular among traveling professionals like travel nurses, remote workers, and relocating families. At Home Sweet Home ROA, our furnished apartment is the ideal extended-stay. We look forward to helping you with any questions or comments you have.


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