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"Empowering Women: A Look Inside a Veteran-Owned Airbnb Vacation Rental in Roanoke, Virginia"

In the heart of a quaint little town, nestled among the rolling hills of Roanoke, Virginia is a quiet neighborhood and a modest home. The home has a private yard, framed with trees, a garden, flowers bursting with colorful blooms, wild deer, singing birds and a small apiary. But this isn't just any Airbnb Vacation rental, it is the creation of Chyrel Gregorieff, an Air Force Veteran. Chyrel proudly served 4 years in the military and when trying to discover her next journey in life, she met her husband. She and Gus have owned and operated restaurants, and had a wholesale/retail store flowing with women's accessories and unique items imported from Greece.

When Chyrel started planning retirement, she craved a new mission, something beyond restaurants, boutiques and offices. Then she stumbled upon the idea of opening an Airbnb. The older home, with its creaky wooden floors and peaceful backyard seemed like the perfect canvas for her vision.

As an Airbnb superhost, Chyrel takes her role seriously. at Home Sweet Home ROA. With the art of hospitality, she greets each guest with a big smile and a warm welcome. Ask her about her military days and she will share stories of camaraderie, service and friendships. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about her small apiary that homes her honeybees, their busy short life and the beneficial sweet honey they provide us.

She enjoys the times she gets to chat with her guests. Many guests are regular visitors that return to stay with Home Sweet Home ROA. She hopes that her guests will "enter as strangers and leave as friends".

Chyrel pays attention to detail. The beds are adorned with crisp linens, the pillows plumped just so. She stocks the kitchen with continental breakfast items, snacks, coffee, teas and hot chocolate. Her guests revel in the little luxuries—the fluffy towels, the lavender-scented toiletries, the handwritten welcome notes.

Home Sweet Home ROA Airbnb is more than a place to rest; it is a symphony of comfort. Chyrel knows that travelers craved more than shelter—they longed for a sense of belonging and comfort. So she takes careful consideration in the amenities she provides so guests feel at home.

The guest book on the desk overflows with heartfelt entries. Couples reminisce about the celebration of their expected child or their wedding anniversary. Other travelers write about the fun exploring the many hiking trails or searching for a new home in the area. Chyrel cherishes each entry as a reflection of her commitment to providing a special place for her guests.

Home Sweet Home ROA Airbnb isn't just a business; it is a sanctuary—a place where weary travelers can find solace, where memories are made and where the spirit of service lives on. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow on the garden, Chyrel stands on the porch, her heart full. In this cozy haven, she smiles and waits for her next guest to arrive. A superhost with a warrior’s heart, ensures that every traveler feels not just comfortable, but cherished.

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